Grand Challenges Scholars Program

GCSP Program Elements

The National Academy of Engineering and Georgia Tech believes that students need to develop the following skills to be a competitive engineer who is ready for the challenges our world faces in the 21st century.   This experience will show, beyond just mere words,  that you are a student who is ready to take on these challenges.

  1. Research Competency : Understand a problem in depth and explore creative hypotheses and solutions.
  2. Multidisciplinary Competency: Practice working in diverse teams to incorporate different perspectives
  3. Entrepreneurship Competency : Get traction by making your innovative ideas sustainable with a business plan.
  4. Multicultural Experience: Experience other cultures and explore the implications of your solutions in the context of the culture you are trying to serve.
  5. Social Consciousness:  Show you are motivated to provide solutions that positively impacts society.

Research Multidisciplinary Entrepreneurial Multicultural Social Consciousness

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