Multidisciplinary Competency

Today’s challenges are complex. Tech’s COE Grand Challenges Scholars develop an appreciation for and understanding that technical solutions never occur in isolation, but rather must be informed by ethics, law, human behavior, policy, risk assessment and business, as a start. The multidisciplinary requirement is an opportunity for the scholar to appreciate non-technical or different engineering discipline perspectives on their identified grand challenge.

Suggested options that satisfy this requirement include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Grand Challenges Living Learning Community Fall and Spring Introductory Courses
  • Completion of the GCSP cohort program
  • Three approved and related credit hours from the School of Literature, Media and Communication (LMC) AND 3 approved credits from the School of History, Technology, and Society (HTS)
  • An approved interdisciplinary certificate program
  • An approved minor in a non-engineering field such as Business, Economics, Public Policy or International Relations
  • Participation on an interdisciplinary Captone Design Team AND presentation at the Capstone Design Expo
  • An approved student recommended multidisciplinary experience