Teaching Philosophy

I believe you can ALWAYS teach an old dog new tricks! I believe that teaching is part science, part art, part psychology, and part entertainment. To teach understanding of an idea a student needs a story. This story must have repeated themes ( for long-term memory), complexity (for interest) , relevance (for motivation), and some comic relief along the way (for a low-stress environment). In technical and scientific disciplines, this can be a difficult task. Such a class requires precise delivery and timing of information for the student.  Beginning concepts must be engrained so that more complex ideas can be ‘sustained in the mind’, or else students just get locked into pattern matching with no critical thinking.

Of course, I do not always live up to my ideals!! Here is a series of 104 videos that captures my experiment in providing online videos for ECE2036 : Engineering Software Design.   I am always open to constructive criticism, but I don’t always have the time to make the changes.  Enjoy the playlist!!