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Classes Taught by Jeff Davis

ECE 2030: Introduction to Computer Engineering

Computer system and digital design principles. Architectural concepts, software, Boolean algebra, number systems, combinational datapath elements, sequential logic, and storage elements. Design of DRAM control and I/O bus.

ECE 3040: Microelectronic Circuits

Basic concepts of microelectronic materials, devices and circuits

ECE 4420: Digital Integrated Circuits

Analysis and design of bipolar and MOS digital integrated circuit families and their applications in modern electronic systems.

ECE6130: Advance VLSI Systems

An advanced treatment of VLSI systems analysis, design, and testing with emphasis on complex systems and how they are inorporated into a silicon environment.

ECE6430: Digital MOS Integrated Circuits

Detailedanalysis of the operaration and design of high performance MOS digital integrated circuits. Emphasis is on current design techniques with examples from the literature.

ECE 6458: Gigascale Integration

Hierarchy of physical principles that enable understanding and estimation of future opportunities to achieve multibillion transistor silicon chips using sub-0.25 micron technology.

ECE 6380: Introduction to Computational Electromagnetics

The practical application of the finite-difference time-domain and finite element techniques to electromagnetic problems. Computer projects are required.

ECE8823: Advanced VLSI Interconnect Design

An advanced treatment of interconnect process technology, parameter extraction, electrical simulation, and circuit design with emphasis on data, control, clock, and power interconnect design.